He’s just got such a gregarious nature and so full of energy. I don’t know where he gets it! I don’t know how he sustains it. But when he’s on set everyone’s smiling and when he’s not there after a few days, you say “Where’s Mackie?” He just breathes life into his environment. And he does like to say “Cut the check!” - Chris Evans

My friends were making fun of me I was walking around the house for a while just flipping that plastic knife. I mean, I was driving in intersections and just flipping in the car.

i’m with you til the end of the line.

the world has changed, and none of us can go back.

You and the Germans, you have your super soldiers. Your secret weapons. But we Russians, we have nothing but our winter.


Misha Collins’ Ice Bucket Challenge

"It’s not a contest about who has a higher tolerance for pain. However, if it were a contest, i would win."